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Working in Media 

Discovereing my love for "stories that matter"

I've worked in media for the past 10 years in several capacities. I fell in love with telling stories while working on the radio. My first segment was "Be Beautiful Mondays" where every Monday I had the chance to speak to a quarter-million listeners and talk one of my favorite subjects BEAUTY. I gave tips for ladies and gents to feel good about themselves to discover their inner and outer beauty.  My segments only lasted 2-3 minutes, this was always the best 2-3 minutes of my week. 

The Living List 

I feel like I sent the prayers up and go

In the US and many parts of the world, most parent’s goals for their children are to find a "smart career." Go to college, get a "good job,"  find a suitable mate, and have kids.  While that sounds amazing, in my late 20's I find that so many of my friends who have followed the "good route" find themselves questioning their decisions, often re-evaluating what truly makes them happy.  Some find themselves lost as they approach their 30's, others although still young feel it's "too late" to start over. But why? Society tells us stability should make us happy, UNTIL you find stability and realize happiness is not a one size fits all. There is not a handbook or road map, it is a journey of self-discovery and exploration that leads to purpose fueled happiness. 

Looking in the mirror at myself and a lot my friends struggle inside "the box of" their societal designated roles, The Living List was born.  I decided to go on a journey to dedicate time to figure out what  I truly wanted out of life, exploring the things I always wanted to do but constantly tossed to the side. Through one excuse or another, I realized I was putting my life on hold. Fate would have it a good friend of mine, Brittiany Cierra was simultaneously experiencing the same urge to make a change. So together we began the journey ...and it's still going, we are figuring it out along the way and cheering each other along on our weekly podcast The Living List 

  • We can have whatever it is in life we want. I've manifested the "impo...
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Check out our latest episode here, and come along with us- The Living List is a group project of accountability. We are going to stop writing lists and start living them. 

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