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Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

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Aruelle Donce'

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The quote above is probably most consice elevator pitch I have. I am a creative, "life liver" who works hard and aims to approach every task with passion and compassion. I live out loud - I try to motivate everyone around me to be their best self because of that's what I strive to do every day. I am my by no means perfect at but I STRIVE.  If I could identify my biggest gift, I could without a doubt say it's my spirit. The glass is half full and it even has a little glitter floating in it. I believe God makes no mistakes with the spirit he gives us. And I am thankful for mine. Every "no,"  "you can't" or "you won't" hasn't stopped me. I grew up being told I wasn't good enough,   that my dreams were unrealistic but thankfully, there was a voice that always whispered "hmmm maybe you can," or " if you work really hard you goal might work out."


That voice wasn't always confident in its speech, but that voice was hope that there was a chance. As I come closer to my dreams and continue to push forward - that voice gets louder .  


Arielle Donce'

I am Thankful for that voice - My Greatest Gift and Most Loyal Friend ​

For Conversation Sake 


Arielle Donce is a doer dreamer and believer living a life inspired by the nuances around her showing gratitude every step of the way.  As a media correspondent, content creator, entrepreneur and digital strategist, Arielle strives to create an impact in everything she does.  Living by the theme “why not me, why not us” she believes whatever it is you desire is open to you, you just have to put the work behind the dream. Someone had to be the first black president or the first Oprah, why not you, why not her.  A natural glam girl and beauty expert by nature, Arielle began developing her makeup in 2016 which is due to hit the market late 2018.  This is truly a passion project, Arielle is driven to make women feel beautiful about themselves, by challenging them to look within and BELIEVE in the Power of the Inner Galorous YOU’ she wants women to know makeup is just the fairy dust, the cherry on top to their beauty. YOU are the glo and if you believe that , the world will see it .  As a young child Arielle didn’t have those around her to tell her she was great, so she makes it her mission to seek other women out to help them identify their greatness and shine brightly. From the age of 19 Arielle started out in radio under legendary Radio host Lady B who taught her the toughness it took to be women in the entertainment industry.  After working for free step in tow for almost two years under Lady /B, she finally landing a job at Radio My goal and my job One and shortly after landed her own segments on “The Basement Party with Lady B” Every Monday, as the resident glam guru  Arielle looked forward to offering over 2.5 Million listeners  her best Makeup tips and tricks for “makeup Mondays,” soon Arielle found her self being featured on the show daily leading the Daily news report and gossip and entertainment report.  While working at Radio One, Arielle found a love for the red carpet, covering Major award shows for BET , MTV and a host of movie and TV premiers.  More recently Arielle became a correspondent and writer for the Wendy Williams digital app covering a multitude of red carpet events , and host beauty events along the way. 



Today, Arielle has taken her digital strategy expertise to  BET Networks in the Digital Ad Sales department, taking an active role in brand partnerships with companies like Coca Cola, Proctor and Gamble, Geico, and many more. Her journey is to be continued as she aspires to greater heights.

You can keep up with her weekly during her podcast The Living List. 

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